Miniplane Priming Kit

Before using and and assembling the circuit, it is advisable to understand how it works.

The primer facilitates and speeds up the filling of the fuel circuit but does not force the fuel to enter the carburetor. Therefore, this circuit will never be able to cause flooding of the engine.

For mounting, follow the sequence shown in the photos:
A - Tighten the cap
B - Insert the tube on the carburetor and stop with the pipe spring
C - Tighten the pump support plate, with a maximum torque of 8Nm
D - Screw on the frame
E - Stop with a zip tie
F - Insert the tubes, a small drop of mixing oil can help
G - You can put a crimped hose on this spout if you want (leave the old intake in case you want to return to previous version)

Using the new Miniplane Primer Kit is easy:

1 - Press the Priming Bulb from the SIDES, not the top with your thumb about 10 times. You will see fuel come up to the carburetor in the tubes.
2 - Use the Choke function for your first pulls on the Starter Rope.
3 - As soon as you achieve the first burst from the engine, disable the Choke and start the engine using proper safety starting procedures (on your back, on a rack).

Miniplane Tank & Fuel Systems