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Sena BlueTooth:




Sena Expand BlueTooth Communication Headset


Sena Expand BlueTooth Communication & Intercom

Sena Expand

Sena Expand BlueTooth Headset

Sena Expand


Sena Expand


Sena Expand





  • Stays put while you’re playing

    This water resistant Bluetooth headset was designed to give you a stable, secure fit for pretty much any kind of situation you might want to use it in—from headset-to-headset intercom duty, to Bluetooth®hands-free calling, staying in touch with your companions in the great outdoors, or playing your favorite tunes from an MP3 player, you’ll always enjoy natural, crystal-clear sound quality. Bluetooth® music playback is controlled by Playback Control, and the sound is automatically boosted when operating in noisy environments.


  • Impervious to water, sweat, and thinking twice

    Built to be water and sweat resistant, you won’t have to think twice about keeping your Expand headset on your head as the weather rolls in. The Expand is the only Bluetooth headset with water resistance of its kind.


  • Share music, Make calls, Talk over intercom, 900-meter (980 yards) range

    Bluetooth® 3.0 technology provides the capability to listen to and share music, make phone calls, and participate in a four-way intercom conversation at a 900-meter (980 yards) range. Advanced Noise Control™ ensures noisy outside environments won’t interfere with use, and each audio source has its own volume level, which you can set to your preference. Meanwhile, integrated voice prompts will assist you with set-up and operation.

Sena Expand

Sena Expand BlueTooth Communicator
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Sena Expand