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PPG Helmets:

Sena BlueTooth:



Special Icaro Helmet Packages!

We are now importing directly and building great integrated PPG Com Helmets at an incredibly good price!

Starting with the Icaro Skyrider TZ and Solar-X Helmets, we are adding Radio Communications or Sena Bluetooth Communication System.

Special Packages include:

  • Icaro Helmet of your choice
  • Peltor Noise Reducing Earcups
  • Sena Bluetooth or Radio System
  • Short Clear or Tinted Visor

Learn more about this great setup by clicking on either of the pictures here.

Paramotor Com Helmet

Paramotor Helmets

Let's TALK!
Communication Helmets allow us pilots to communicate with each other while engaging in our favorite activity - Fying our Paramotors!! A good com helmet will protect our ears from the deafening sound of both the paramotor engine and the propeller spinning at incredible speeds. These helmets come in many sizes and some include a removable and adjustable visor, while on others the visor is optional.

Wireless Communications
The BlueTooth communication systems allow you to have direct connect intercom with local pilots Plus, you can connect to your smart phone or other device via BlueTooth for communication via cell phone and even allows you to listen to your music. Some com systems also have a radio feature built in to allow the use of family and HAM band radios. Most pilots want the best of both worlds, so helmets that integrate these two features are the most popular.

These PPG Helmets are the result of years of research in the Powered Paragliding community.
We took the time to find out what pilots wanted in a communication helmet and this is the result. The combination of the quality of workmanship, materials used, great looks and affordable price will make these helmets popular among PPG pilots.

Icaro SkyRider TZ Solar X PPG Helmet Icaro SkyRider TZ
Icaro TZ New! Icaro Solar X Icaro Solar-X Radio
Icaro Icaro Icaro
Communication System
Sena Available
Sena Available
Radio Coms
Polycarbinate Polycarbinate Polycarbinate
Pull away earcups
Basic or Deluxe Basic or Deluxe yes
Removable liner
- yes yes
Air vents
- yes yes
Radio Cable
no no Included
Visor option
Optional $65 Optional $65 Optional $65
Carbon Various Various
$200 - $240 $275 - $315
$370 - $410 (Scratch)
from $649