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Sup'Air Harness Notes

From Bill Stoll

Hi Chad,

I looked over and mounted both harnesses and did a comparison of comfort and function ( no launches or flying).

I found the standard harness to be a little more comfortable on the shoulders especially when standing (the supair harness padding on the shoulders is somewhat hard). The standard harness is actually easier to get into the seat. And comfort was very good. 

The Supair harness is only slightly less comfortable and slightly more difficult to get into the seat. The supair is a medium so it may be a tad small for me as European harness sizes are smaller than US sizes.

I prefer the supair design features. Reserve hook in on shoulder straps. Pockets are better. And harness has more adjustability. Smarter speed bar home position.

Without flying each ( won't have time for another week) I would choose the supair. But if I ever care to sell the unit as a demo the supair will be difficult to fit a range of pilots.

I finally had a little time to play with the 2 MiniPlane harnesses. 

First I tried the SupAir (one launch and landing only) and found it was very easy to get into the seat with this harness. I find that strange because in the simulator I had more issue with getting into the seat than the standard harness. It was comfortable in the air. 

It had a good deal of adjustability and more will come with more time in the seat. Only thing that seemed slightly off was that the seat board was shorter than the standard seat (likely due to the size being a medium) as compared to the standard harness being a large. 

One draw back was the leg straps if allowed to go down on the legs will impeded the launch run some. but may be overcome with tightening the straps up high or other method. 

One thing I loved is the feel was very close to a free flight harness. Especially if your wallet were to come out of you back pocket it will stay in your harness(the harness has sides). 

I then I tried the standard harness a few days later for 1 take off and landing and another flight a couple days later. the harness was more comfortable when standing due to the softer shoulder padding. But the seat board needed to be flipped up behind to situate it out of the way. leg straps were comfortable when running but the board seemed to flop around when running more. What was suprising was that it was not as easy to get into the seat. assistance was needed but could be due to the large size harness. 

In the air the harness was great. a little more open and felt more like a standard PPG harness type of feel. And it had good adjustability. I think a Medium Standard harness would have been a great option for me. 

Below are the pictures that Bill sent to me of the SupAir Harness, click on any of them to enlarge:

SupAir Harness

SupAir Harness

SupAir Harness