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Top 80 Engine: Carburetor Parts Walbro

New Tillotson Carburetor HERE

(Expanded Diagram)

Top 80 Walbro Carburetor M10V

Most Carburetor cleaners are for metal only and will destroy O-rings and other rubber components. A good cleaner that is safe for the rubber is CRC 05101 QD Electronic Cleaner.

  • Complete Walbro Carburetor
  • Walbro WG8
  • Recommended to also replace Carb Gasket at same time!
  • Idle Adjustment
  • Price: $175.00

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Carb Rebuild available at Southwest Airsports.

A Pop-Off Gauge is critical for servicing a carburetor. the Mikuni MK-BN PMP is available on eBay.

Top 80 SW Custom WG-8 Metering Lever Gauge

Southwest Airsports
Custom WG-8 Metering Gauge

  This custom gauge may also be used to check the metering lever height on the WB-37 carb (the Moster Plus). The gauge has a tab (visible in the upper right of the photo above) that is especially for the WB-37. One gauge will do both the WG-8 and the WB-37.

Top 80 Walbro Carburetor Kit M10V5K

  • Diaphrams, Filter, Needle
  • Walbro Part# K12-WG
  • All small parts inside WG8
  • Price: $24.00

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Top 80 Walbro WG8 Carburetor Metering Lever Spring 98-320-7

  • Standard Metering Lever Spring
  • for Walbro WG8 Carburetor
  • Walbro Part #98-320-7
  • Price: $8.00

Top 80 Walbro WG8 "Miracle" Metering Lever Spring M10V5M

  • "Miracle" Metering Lever Spring
  • Allows lower Pop-up Pressure and a richer fuel mixture
  • Perfect for Mid-Max RPM
  • Sold individually
  • Walbro Part #98-161-7
  • Price: $8.00


Top 80 Walbro Diaphragm Only Kit M10V5

  • Diaphragms only for WG8
  • Walbro Part# D12-WG
  • Price: $12.00

Top 80 Walbro Reed Valve M16V (2a)

  • Includes 12mm Spacer
  • Includes Reed Valve Petals 
  • Price: $88.00

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Top 80 Walbro Reed Valve Petals M16/1

  • Reed Valve Petals M16/1
  • Price: $55.00


Top 80 Walbro Reed Valve Petals, Custom

  • Reed Valve Petals, Custom Made
  • Price: $68.00

Various 2 cycle engine manufacturers, including Polini, recommend that the reed valve be replaced every 100 hours. It is rare that the entire valve is damaged in some way. It is just the reed petals that are worn out or damaged. Pilots can save some expense by replacing just the reed petals. These custom manufactured reed petals are an exact replacement fit of the stock petals that are in the Top 80. The petals supplied by Miniplane (shown above: M16/1) on the other hand, must be modified to fit the reed valve mounts. When replacing the petals be sure to use blue Threadlock on the screws and make certain the new petals are as flat as possible.

Top 80 Walbro Reed Valve Gasket M16/G (1a)

  • Price: $8.00

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Top 80 Carburetor Gasket M10V2 (6a)

  • Price: $8.00


Top 80 Choke Control (remote) T11

  • Allows remote acces to choke
  • Price: $54.00

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Top 80 Throttle Spring 454-6 (9a)

  • 454-6
  • Price: $8.00
  • To avoid damage to this spring from Harmonic Vibration, please add a rubber band as shown in this PHOTO.


Top 80 Primer Spring Kit

  • Primer Spring Kit for Walbro Carburetor
  • Price: $20.00


Top 80 Walbro Idle Screw M10VVRM

  • Includes: Idle Screw & Spring
  • Price: $12.00


Top 80 Walbro Needle Screw M10VKVRC

  • Includes: Needle Screw, O-Ring, Washer & Spring
  • Price: $16.00

Miniplane Throttle Bracket

  • Replacement Throttle Bracket for the Miniplane Frame
  • Price: $32.00