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Miniplane Minari Assembly:


Miniplane Paramotor
Please note: We sell to USA only!


Miniplane Minari Paramotor


Priming the Engine

This is a 2 stroke engine and it MUST have oil mixed with the fuel!

As for fuel, we recommend the use of AVgas 100LL aviation fuel or premium ethanol free gasoline (see Fuel Tips), mixed with a good fully synthetic 40:1 (2.5%) 2-stroke oil. Minari has stated that AVgas is OK to use with their engine, and this is our recommendation of fuel for so many reasons. For the first 10 hours of operation, do not keep at full throttle for more than a few minutes.

Failure to mix the proper Synthetic Oil with your fuel even once will cause your engine to seize and void the warranty of your machine!


Attach the Starter Pulley

Bring the Starter handle and the pulley up from the Starter assembly and attach the pulley to the Inox Hook on the frame.



To prime the motor, position your finger over the Primer Spring on the Propeller side of the Carburetor, then blow into the Priming Tube attached to the Fuel Tank. As you pressurize the tank, gently press the Primer Spring until you can see fuel reach the carburetor via the clear Fuel Tubing. Allow 1-2 seconds of fuel into the carburetor, then release the Primer Spring before you release the blowing pressure into the Tank. If you release the Tank pressure first, the fuel can drop back from the Carburetor and air can re-enter the Fuel Line.

Please be sure that all Fuel Caps are on straight and are seated to keep air from leaking from the Fuel System during the priming process. The Primimg Tube also allows air to enter the tank as fuel is used during flight.




The next step is to Start your Motor.