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Miniplane Models:

Miniplane Paramotors

Miniplane Paramotor
Please note: We sell to USA only!


Now Available with these fine engines shown below:

Top 80 Engine

Moster Engines
Top 80 Engine
Vittoazi Engine



Minari Engines

Sky 150cc
Simonini Engine

Miniplane Paramotor

Fly High - Fly Far!   Fly Long Range!! 

The Miniplane Paramotor has been a standard of the industry for over 25 years.

Per il Volo invented and produced the first harness attachment system to feature high hook-in points with low J-bar distance bars, the PSF system.

Always innovating in the ways that matter most, the Miniplane ABM (low hang point) frame has the new revolutionary ABM system with pivot arms using a mid attachment point.  Experts agree, this system maintains excellent stability while also allowing less brake input. This "active" pilot weight shift system offers a greater degree of safety.

Initially powered by the tried and true Top 80 Engine, the Miniplane Low Hang Point ABM Frame and Cage is also now available with other more powerful motors for heavier pilots.

The balance and lightness that the Miniplane ABM Paramotor Frame offers is exceptional. Torque is virtually eliminated by the Miniplane ABM Side Bars, designed for either the Gearbox or Belt Drive engines. This design has been often copied, but never equaled.

Remember - larger engines produce more torque, weigh more and consume far more fuel than the Top 80. Make sure you choose the right engine for your skills, body weight, flying style and density altitude. The increase in performance of modern paragliders makes it possible to fly with almost one-half the power of a few years ago.

A little two-stroke engine built with modern technology and used with the newer, more efficient Power Gliders offers more than enough reliable power with much less weight. This makes the critical take-off run easier and safer.

Get the Miniplane, and take yourself into the skies!