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Miniplane Paramotors

Miniplane-USA Embroidered Propeller Cover

Miniplane-USA Padded Embroidered Propeller Cover

Miniplane Prop Cover
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This padded propeller cover is not only beautiful, but highly functional as well! The two-piece design makes it easy to put on and take off, and the padding will protect your propeller from damage during transport.

Protect your Miniplane or Moster Propeller from damage with this lightweight padded prop cover!

Fits 125-130cm propellers, and up to 140cm with an extra piece of double-sided Velcro as the overlap with the longer prop is minimal as seen in this photo of my Rigid Cage Miniplane (just send us a note for the extra piece of Velcro).

Available for both Gear and Belt Drive engines.

Miniplane-USA Propeller Cover  $60