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DVD: Tips & Tricks from the Pros

Presented by OZONE POWER

Tips & Tricks from the Pros

This DVD is, we think, possibly one of the most information-packed PPG DVDs ever created and we are excited to get it out there into the hands of pilots around the world. The length is over 2hrs, mostly informational but with some action footage mixed in.

This exciting DVD contains more than two hours of explanations and demonstrations by the world's top pilots. Join these professional pilots in discovering the best of both the newest and the most time-tested techniques. Watch the Ozone Team break down the most crucial aspects of PPG flight in a simple and easy to understand manner. Launch technology, in flight maneuver, and landing strategies are just the beginning...

Ozone DVD - Tips and Tricks PPG FlyingWith Pro Pilots: Mathieu Rouanet, Alex Coralie and Jean Mateos, Chad Bastian, Paul Mahony, and guest starring the lovely Squash Falconer. Thus, some of the world's most experienced PPG pilots talk about everything from engine maintenance tips, to launching more efficiently in high wind and zero wind, and maneuvering your PPG wing in the air more effectively.

This DVD contains a large amount of information, but thanks to an extensive menu, it is simple to navigate from topic to topic, and action footage from around the globe will keep you on the edge of your seat even if you do tire of learning for a moment.

Please note: These DVD's are made at Ozone's factory in Vietnam, and don't always play on local DVD players for some reason. They work fine in a computer and on about 95% of DVD players. 

This is an excellent DVD for anyone considering Crossing Over from Paragliding to Paramotoring!

Price: $29.00