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Miniplane Paramotor
Please note: We sell to USA only!


Miniplane Paramotor


Welcome USHPA Pilots & Instructors!


The incredibly light and powerful Miniplane Paramotor is the perfect paramotor for anyone crossing over to Powered Paragliding from being a free flight pilot. The Low-Hangpoint ABM system is the closest to flying without a motor, as it has true weight-shift capability.

As a USHPA Pilot or instructor, you have the unique advantage of knowing how to control and fly a paraglider already. Your transition to motoring is much quicker, usually 1-2 days of practice of the specific paramotor skills and you have opened up a whiole new world of flying for yourself!

USHPA Pilots

Pilots already certified under the USHPA system can learn Paramotor specific skills and begin to enjoy more airtime, flying at new flying sites other than their usual free flight areas. Pilots can also work on flying skills and more, as they can stay aloft for hours if they want. Going XC with your friends is awesome, just make sure you are aware of any airspace restrictions where you plan to fly!

A pilot certified to at least the P2 level will pick up and master these practices much easier than a brand new pilot, and begin a new form of exploration of the skies. Flying in the calm of morning, launching from flat areas in light thermal conditions and riding the rising air during the day, finding an inaccessable ridge where the wind is perfect, or cruising into the sunset are all possible where free flight would not be.

As a USPPA Certified Instructor, Chad Bastian can guide you through the crossing over process, helping you to make the transition from free flight to paramotoring with a full understanding of the necessary changes in balance, launching, torque, flight characteristics and so much more.

USHPA Instructors

Certified USHPA Instructors can be grandfathered into the USPPA system by an Instructor Administrator if they meet the criteria so that they can add Paramotoring and Powered Paragliding Instruction to their offerings to new clients. If you are a current USPPA instructor and flew at least 20 foot launched tandems under a previous exemption, you are eligible for grandfathering. USPPA Instructors must also have a current BLS (Basic Life Support) card with CPR. While a hands-on course is preferred, online training is the minimum allowed. At present, the only approved online training is through CPRToday.

Instructors that become certified in the USPPA can now offer lessons and clinics based on powered flight, as well as sales of equipment specific to paramotoring. Our Dealer Network spans the nation, and many students come as a referral from the Dealer Map on our website. Interested persons can find the instructor nearest them, and inquire about lessons and equipment directly. We are here to help the school do as well as it can, both with gear and advice.  Your success is built with the best and most reliable PPG products available today. Email us today to learn how you can join the Miniplane-USA Dealer Network.

As a USPPA Instructor Administrator, Chad Bastian can help you through the process of Instructor Certification under the new discipline. Miniplane-USA is always looking for new USPPA Certified Instructors to expand it's Dealer network, please contact Chad for more information about becoming a Miniplane-USA Dealer!

Concerned about Paramotoring?

Instructors and pilots - Are you concerned that Powered Paragliding will reflect badly on our free-flight Paragliding?

As a free flight pilot or instructor, we have watched the powered revolution coming, and not always with admiration. Some PPG pilots have a "cowboy" mentality that can reflect badly or even jeopordize sites where we fly without power.

The last thing we want to see is the loss of a site due to somneone acting badly, often simply because they just don't know the ettiquite or rules pertaining to that particular flying site. Quite often, the two activities simply are not compatible at the same site, or the unpowered site has sensitive issues from nearby landowners, etc.

The best way to stay on top of this situation is to be involved! As an Instructor, you can set the standard for each of the flying sites within a community to members of both flying disciplines. By being part of the educational process for new pilots, you will be able to teach pilots to be conscientious about how wnd where they fly. As a pilot, you will also be able to influence the community by your flying decisions and actions, setting an example for pilots that might not understand the dynamics.

Special Offer for Crossing Over

Pilots that purchase a new Miniplane Paramotor from us will receive the Crossover Clinic from PG to PPG at no charge! Pilots must be able to come to Santa Barbara and devote at least 1-2 days to the clinic. In addition, these pilots will receive a free Miniplane Sun/Dust Cover and the PPG Bible.

For USHPA Certified Instructors that purchase a new Miniplane for their school, we offer special dealer pricing for the demo unit, plus assistance with completing the Instructor Certification process with the USPPA, along with the above described items for their paramotor. After completing the Instructor Certification, the pilot can also begin the Tandem Pilot Certification process if they have the qualifications.

Chad Bastian is a USPPA Instructor Administrator, and can observe and evaluate teaching skills, then help complete the certification of current USHPA instructors with the USPPA. Our instructors have the added benefit of referrals from the Dealer Map on our website, as well as direct referrals from calls received from prospective students in their area. We would rather refer students back to the dealers nearby, so they can receive local instruction, support and service. The value of having a local PPG community to integrate into is essential for a new pilot to succeed.

Tandem Flights

Certified Instructors that are also Tandem T3 rated can also add the Tandem Rating to their accomplishments and offerings to their clients. In the USPPA, you must first be a Certified USPPA Instructor in order to become a Tandem Instructor, as our flights are considered Instructional Flights and not "Rides".

Diego, Chad and many others do tandems with this model, taking passengers weighing as much as 180 lbs! Chad is flying with the Ozone Magnum or MagMax Tandem Certified Paraglider. Now, with the addition of the new Vittorazi Moster Plus 185cc engine on the Miniplane frame, we have the ability to fly even heavier students!

See our Tandem Bar in the left navbar for an easy way to take your tandem passengers flying!

Why the Miniplane?

The Miniplane utilizes the incredible Top 80 engine, the lightest and most reliable motor available today for powered flight.

The real advantage of the Miniplane Paramotor is the ultra light-weight feel it has on your back coupled with the ABM's low-hangpoint weight-shift feel - the closest to free flight of any paramotor available. Foot launched pilots will appreciate the freedom the Miniplane gives the pilot without the usual restrictions of the typical high-hangpoint harness system.

The ABM also allows the pilot to utilize their regular paraglider in almost all cases without the need to lengthen the brakes or do any other modifications. There is no need to buy another glider in order to go Paramotoring! Even the speed system can be attached and engaged just like on your free flight harness.

Even on windy days, we can fly the new generation of Miniwings with the Miniplane paramotor, Have a look at our Gallery of photos and videos for more of the fun we are having with this great machine.

Join the Wheeled Revolution!

The TrikeBuggy is quite simply a microlight aircraft made for solo use utilizing a PPG motor attached to a Stainless Steel Kite Buggy with our unique frame design and a paraglider wing to achieve flight. It is an extremely comfortable and easy to use personal aircraft that is just plain fun to fly!

The new TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet is perfect for the new generation of lighter, smaller motors like the Miniplane. The shorter wheelbase makes this TrikeBuggy lighter and more maneuverable. The Mini-Bullet still features the Slider Axles to minimize width for transport and still giving a wider stance for flight. With our various wheel options, the Mini-Bullet can be made even lighter!

The Bullet's frame is simple and solid. It is sleek and racy, giving the pilot a protective cage that will protect the pilot from contact with the ground in case of a rollover.

The TrikeBuggy Bullet uses an incredibly robust Stainless Steel Kite Buggy as the foundation for this unique PPG Trike. The new design allows the pilot to quickly dismount the motor for use as foot launch or to transport. Learn more about this great PPG Trike on the TrikeBuggy Website.





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