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Miniplane Paramotors

Flying Paragliders

Miniplane Paramotor
Please note: We sell to USA only!


Windsocks & Ghost Kites

wind sockMiniplane Paramotor Windsock

See the wind direction clearly and easily now, with the Miniplane Paramotor Wind Sock!

They have finally arrived - Miniplane Paramotor Wind Socks! These BRIGHT wind socks are unique and very easy to see from a distance.

The opening is held open with a circular stiffener so the air can always catch it easily, and the windsock is quite long, which makes it quite easy to see the wind direction.

The Miniplane and Top 80 Engine logos are clearly screenprinted onto the wind sock, so your friends can easily see what brand of Paramotor you are flying!

  • Length: 1 meter
  • Diameter: 20cm


Miniplane Wind Sock $30


wind sockGhost Delta Kite

With Giant Tails that are Visible for Miles!

Dominate the sky with these big deltas and their long flowing tails. This is a perfect PPG Wind indicator for steady wind days.

The secret is the lightweight ripstop sail that lets Ghosts float on the lightest breezes. They are ideal for all kinds of wind and will fly in the lightest wind - from 5 up to 20 mph. Put a white one up at night and you'll quickly see why people call them "ghosts".

In 1998, Frank Schweimann’s PyroDeltas stole the show in Dieppe. The sky was filled with white ghostly forms, each lifting white flares. Made of soft, free flowing nylon, the Ghost Delta is an unforgettable sight as the wind sends waves of ripples down the tail. 

Made of lightweight ripstop nylon and fiberglass spars. 47” case and a plastic spool of 150 feet of Braided Polyester Flying Line are included. 

  • Wind range: 5 to 20 mph.
  • 7 feet wide with 20 foot long tails.
  • Includes 47" case & 150 feet of flying line on a spool.


Ghost Delta Kite $74