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Miniplane Paramotors

Flying Paragliders

Miniplane Weight Shift
Miniplane Introduces a
NEW Frame for 2015!

Top 80 motor

The Miniplane is powered by
the incredible Top 80 motor!

Miniplane Paramotor
Please note: We sell to USA only!



Fuel Transport & Transfer Systems

Accu-Mix Fuel Mixing Jug

This is a "must have" item. Easily mix any amount of fluids as needed. No need to measure gallons at a time.

Quickly and easily mix just the amount of fuel you are going to use for this flight! No mess, completely clean!

Used with the Safety Siphon below, this is the cleanest and simplest fuel transfer system available.

Accu-Mix Fuel Mixing JugA unique and patented product designed to accurately mix and measure fluids of all types. Unique because it allows employing the 8 commonly used mixing ratios without using any type of messy or hard-to-read auxiliary measuring devices AND it measures fluid by weight, not just volume.
Accu-Mix is a self-contained, 2-compartment measuring and mixing bottle which not only assures consistent accuracy or your mix combination, but also allows the mixing of 10 different quantities eliminating the hassle of mixing excess amounts of pre-mixed concentrates.

No matter what fluids you need to accurately combine or measure, you need an Accu Mix jug.   A versatile, sturdy, container for accurately mixing concentrate solutions and measuring fluids in many diverse applications.


Solution Mixture Ratios (scales):
15:1 16:1 20:1 25:1 30:1 32:1 40:1 50:1


MAKES ACCURATE MIXING AS EASY AS 1-2-3! 10 commonly used mixing quantities and the 8 most popular mixing ratios provided at a glance. Meets UN 3H1/Y standard. Not CARB approved.

Accu-Mix Fuel Mixing Jug

-Accurately measure fuel by volume AND weight!
-Translucent red color
-Heavy buttress caps along with O-ring to assure leak-proof seal
-Milliliters, liters, ounces and quarts are added for concentrates requiring metric level quantities
-Nominal capacity 1.7 gallons or 6.4 liters



1. Fill Side A with required amount of fluid.
2. Fill Side B to corresponding number of side A chart for the required ratio.
3. Secure Both Lids.
4. Shake And Pour!


Accu-Mix Fuel Mixing Jug $29.95



Original Safety Siphon

Safety SiphonThe Original Safety Siphon 1/2" ID Premium 6' siphon has the following features:

  • Up to 3.5 Gallons per minute flow rate
  • For General use
  • Great for transferring from a 5 gallon container into a car, boat, tractor, etc.
  • 100% Pure Lead Free Copper pump with industrial strength glass ball and stainless steel spring
  • High Quality 100% Virgin Grade PVC Tubing...Good for fuel...FDA sanctioned food grade
  • 100% Made and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Original Safety Siphon - SALE Price $15 ($29.95 retail)


Miniplane Fuel Jug

Miniplane Fuel Jug

Simple fuel tank for transporting your "joy juice" to the flying site.

Includes filling spout.

10 litre size.

Miniplane Fuel Jug 10L $20