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Miniplane Models:


Flying Paragliders

Miniplane Paramotor
Please note: We sell to USA only!


Flight Simulator

For Paramotoring and Powered Paragliding

Do a Hang Test!

Our Flight Simulator is an essential part of a complete lesson program used by USHPA and USPPA Instructors all over the country!


Make an adjustment to your harness or paramotor and check it on a simulator before you get in the air!


Tandem Instructors will also find the Simulator essential for finding the CG for their specific Tandem gear and the different weights of student pilots they may be training.



This simulator is great for:

  • Making sure a solo pilot's CG (center of gravity) is set up properly for flight. 
  • Balancing a Tandem for the pilot and passenger’s CG.
  • Simulating a launch and practicing keeping the pilot’s feet below the paramotor, ready to land and avoid damaging the PPG. 
  • Understanding the need to stay on the throttle while climbing to a safe altitude.  
  • Practicing getting into the seat comfortably and safely.
  • Basic flight practice that includes safe brake positions, one hand up and one hand down for turning. Simulating the effect of brakes on the harness or paramotor (This requires the simulator to be properly hung with the brake control attached to a stable point behind the simulator).
  • Practicing other maneuvers such as Big Ears, trimmer operation, landing approach pattern and flare timing. 
  • More advanced practice which can include B-Line Stalls, Reserve Parachute deployment, common emergency response and when to apply it (hands up, power off), the value of steering when near the ground and reacting more slowly (hands up smoothly and reduce power smoothly), as well as brake line tangle, rear riser turns, motor failure, radio communication failure, surges, pitch and roll oscillation, parachutal stall simulation and proper response to each challenge.
  • Instructor induced and simulated extreme turbulence to allow the pilot to practice proper response to this potential danger.


Made of Chromed Stainless Steel for years of trouble-free service, this Flight Simulator is also foldable for transport or shipping (36x6x6" box).


Flight Simulator without Risers

Price with no Risers: $295
(you provide risers and hardware)



Flight Simulator with Risers

Price with Risers: $495
(we provide risers and hardware)
Please note: When supplied, riser color and configuration may vary. If you want a picture of a currently available unit, please send us an email.



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