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Paramotor Comparisons

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Engine Thrust Test Comparisons 5/14/2023

Our favorite in the heavier backpack units was the new Sky 150 on the Miniplane Long Range 150cm cage with a 3-blade Helix 140cm propeller. Thrust tests showed it with a much higher consistent thrust than the Vitto Moster 185cc and the Fresh Breeze Monster 313cc!

Here is a pic of it mounted on our TrikeBuggy Mini-Bullet ready for flight:

Click for more Pictures

The Numbers:

Motor (click for video) Prop Length Prop Type Thrust
Air Conception 130 125cm Composite 100
Miniplane Rigid 150 140cm Composite 110
Vitto Moster + 185cc 130cm Composite 135
Vitto Moster + 185cc 135cm Scout 145
FB Monster 313cc 2 x 122cm Helix 145
Sky 150cc Miniplane LR 3-blade 140cm Helix 170
Kawasaki 440 Trike 3-blade 62” Ivoprop 210

Sadly, we did not gather the RPM data for these tests, this would have been helpful. Next time!

Tests were done at Adelanto, CA at 2800 feet, 90 degree air temperature. Your results may vary!

80cc Engine Comparisons at Midwest Parajet

The Numbers:

Motor Ratio Prop Length Prop Type RPM Thrust
Maverick Atom 80 3.8 125cm Composite 9730 100
Eclipse Atom 80 3.8 130cm Composite 7090* 103
Miniplane Top 80 Flex Cage 3.84 125cm Wood 9580 96
Miniplane Top 80 Flex Cage 3.84 130cm Helix 9800 101
Miniplane Rigid 150 Top 80 4.41 140cm Helix 9730 116

Best performance was the Miniplane Rigid 150 Top 80 - 140cm composite (+16%!)

* due to interference from the scale.