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Miniplane Paramotor
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Safe Starting

Statistically, the most dangerous thing we do in terms of injuries is start our motor. Many good instructors have given us the advise that we "check our throttle" to make sure it is in the idle position when we start our motor, but there is even more you can do to practice safety in this regard.

With the Miniplane Top 80 engine, the motor will not run for more than a second or two with the choke engaged. For this reason, Diego has given a recommended starting procedure for this motor that consists of the following:

I say that:
1- start the engine on the ground WITH the choke, until it makes only few turns (not few minutes, few units of explosions).
2- put on the back
3- open the choke
4- start again

exacly in that order.


To summarize:

  • Always check your throttle to make sure it is returning to the idle position before starting.
  • Prime your engine so that fuel is all the way to the carburetor.
  • Apply the choke and start the motor on the ground. There is no need to apply throttle when doing this.
  • Leave the choke engaged until the motor stops.
  • Once the motor turns over with the choke engaged and it quits, you put the Miniplane on your back and disengage the choke.
  • Check your throttle again!
  • You should be able to start the motor easily in this safest position and do a short warm-up (not necessary to do a long run, maybe 30 seconds).

Please pass this information on and practice "Safe Starting" every time you commit aviation!



Throttle Cable Position

A recent Video has demonstrated the benefit of routing the throttle OVER your arm to your hand to prevent the throttle cable from being able to get into the propeller. Have a look at the video below and pass this on!


Miniplane Safety Strap

Using a common paraglider cinch strap, any paramotor with a clutch can be made safer to start with this simple technique. Wrap the strap around two or more of the frame struts for an anchor, then around the propeller. Clip the strap together and remove the slack from the loop. Now, when the motor is started, if the throttle is stuck at full, the prop cannot spin or develop thrust. The clutch will burn up if you leave the motor running at full, so shut it down immediately and address the problem. Once the motor is started and running at idle, you can simply reach through the cage from the harness side and unclip the strap and put it in the pocket of the harness.
IMG_7660Wing Cinch Strap IMG_7662Attach Frame to Prop IMG_7663Clip Strap IMG_7664Tighten Strap
IMG_7668Ready to Start IMG_7672Throttle Check IMG_7674Throttle is jammed full IMG_7676Starting at Full Throttle
IMG_7677Running at Full Throttle! IMG_7679Loosen and Free Throttle IMG_7681Motor Idling IMG_7682Unclip Strap
IMG_7683Closeup IMG_7684Strap Unclipped IMG_7685Remove Strap IMG_7686Running, Strap Removed