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Miniplane Paramotor
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Miniplanes at the Beach

Bruce and Mike enjoy a Beautiful November Sunset!

IMG_9170 IMG_9173 IMG_9174 IMG_9177 IMG_9179
IMG_9181 IMG_9184 IMG_9194 IMG_9199 IMG_9202
IMG_9204 IMG_9219 IMG_9223 IMG_9229 IMG_9232
IMG_9233 IMG_9234 IMG_9235 IMG_9243 IMG_9244
IMG_9253 IMG_9254 IMG_9256 IMG_9258 IMG_9260
IMG_9263 IMG_9265 IMG_9267 IMG_9269 IMG_9271
IMG_9278 IMG_9281 IMG_9282 IMG_9286 IMG_9289
IMG_9298 IMG_9299 IMG_9313 IMG_9314 IMG_9317
IMG_9318 IMG_9324 IMG_9327 IMG_9330 IMG_9332