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Miniplane Paramotor Harness Adjustment

Having the correct harness adjustment on any paramotor is very important! Hadley Robinson from Southwest Airsports has put together a nice PDF of some of the important aspects of adjustment, and you can download this document HERE.

Recently, an ABM owner had a slight mishap as a result of a bad harness adjustment. The prop nicked the cage during the takeoff run, and broke a bit off the tip. The worst part is the foot of the frame contacted his calf, leaving it painfully bruised. His straps were very loose, and positioned the motor much too low on his back. You can see from the picture at the left how far the motor is hanging down during his takeoff run, as someone snapped a picture at just the right moment.

The buckles can get loose from regular running with the engine over time, or a situation where you are walking with the unit for while, or an occasionally more than usual movement with it on your back, also during transport. It is important that this adjustment is checked as part of our preflight every time we fly.





Online video of the cause of the mishap: