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Cylinder Gaskets

Cylinder Gaskets are available in different thicknesses.

For the gaskets, the spacing is intended to make what is called the squish space at “top dead center” measure out to be 0.030”-0.032” a touch more is fine as well just will lose a tiny bit of power).

You start with a green one and you introduce a piece of solder (I use a .062” diameter size you can buy at any hardware store), you then make a small “L” leg on the end of the solder and introduce it in the cylinder spark plug hole, you pull the starter to bring the piston up and “squish” the solder, you take it out and use a caliper to measure the thickness it has squished to.

According to what you measure you sometimes have to take off the cylinder and then using your caliper on the various gasket thicknesses you get the right spacing by doing the math on your first measurement.