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Fuel Lines and Fuel with Ethanol

In recent months we have had many problems with leaking engine performance due to aging of fuel lines. The problem has recently gotten worse, we believe, because of the adoption of petrol 'green' and / or those with the addition of methyl alcohol.

The old pipes can cause many different types of problems, depending on the pipe used by the manufacturer of the paramotor:

1 - Fuel lines of black rubber fabric for automotive use have a diameter that is too large and as they age, are no longer able to provide a good connection with the small joints, especially the one on the carburetor. With transparent tubes, you can see the entry of air into the fuel line that can disturb the fuel/air mix, ie, the carburation of the engine.

2 - Some people use PVC fuel line (easily recognizable because they are transparent), but these can quickly becomes very hard. The rigidity of the tubes during engine operation does not guarantee the tightness of connections and can easily lead to a crack (visible) of the fuel filter or lines. The loss often occurs only at certain engine speeds, making us believe that with a little careful control that all is well. A careful visual inspection of the lines, making sure that no bubbles enter the supply line with the engine running at various speeds is essential to make sure the lines are not cracked.

3 - The fuel lines from PER IL VOLO remain very flexible for a long time and provide a superior seal, but must be replaced at least every 2 years or as soon as they tend to "rot", as stated in the manual. As they age, these tubes have a tendency to release substances that can stain the carburetor. The tube that is inserted into the tank is especially important (easy to understand why), so that will be checked more carefully.

Original parts are very cheap, it is better to replace with these than risk problems with inferior alternatives.

Occasionally, it is recommended to change the Porex Fuel tank filter that has the ability to separate water from fuel and the filter paper outside. About the paper filter, we remind you that since 2008 we propose a new filter with high filtering capabilities built without glue (the glue can melt and stain the carburetor), we do not recommend the cheap paper filter panels, those made of wire mesh that do not have bigger holes, and plastic which often have internal leaks (only part of the fuel is filtered) or have a filtration area too small and too easily become clogged.

We would like to bring attention to the fact that we need constant maintenance to keep your vehicle in good condition.

    - PER IL VOLO team