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Miniplane Paramotor

Carburetor Idle Adjustments

There are two visible adjustments, one is the idle (not related to the jet at all), it’s the cone shaped one, the other is related to the idle jet (this one should be set to 1 ½ turns open to start with, then it can vary from 1 ¼ - 2 ½ turns open depending on his air environment, most will run great right at 1 ½ with no fussing).
The first thing is safety. Set the idle by either taking the propeller off (but the gearbox ON), or better yet with a system of restricting propeller movement using a strap or some kind of propeller retaining rope. Screw the non-cone shaped adjustment clockwise until it closes (don’t put extra pressure on it when it comes to the end, it’s not necessary and can damage the adjustment screw), then go out 1 ½ turns.
Prime and start the engine. If you have a RPM meter, then you should get a nice idle RPM between 2200 and 2600, optimum is about 2400-2500. The motor needs to be above the clickety clack sound of the starter pawls when the setting is too low, and below the clutch engagement RPM (approximately 3000).
When you accelerates the throttle, if there is a tendency to stall or you have to go really slow, then the adjustment on the idle should be set more open by 1/8 turn increments until you have no problems with instant response.