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We sell Miniplane Paramotors and Parts to USA only!

*Some items qualify for Free Shipping on orders over $20* 

Miniplane Paramotor




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When ordering parts with free shipping, please order a minimum of $20 total in your order. We ship quickly usually via Fedex 2-Day to get you what you need. If the order is less than $20, we may ask you to help out with some shipping (usually $10 for small light single parts). Also, if a part is returned for a refund, you will be asked to pay for the shipping. Thank you!


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Miniplane Cage Parts

Plastic Rod Fitting Kit (4 pieces) T6K

  • Quick Rod Fittings for where the Miniplane cage rods attach to the cage ring.
  • Kit includes 4 pieces.
  • Price: $25.00 (includes FREE shipping*)

Fiberglass Propeller Ring T5

  • 2 pieces with 1 fitting tube (order 2 for complete ring).
  • 115cm Cage = approx 90cm each
  • 125cm Cage = approx 100cm each (standard L size)
  • Price: $51.00 (includes FREE shipping*)

Upper Cage Fitting T6S1

  • Steel Upper Fitting with threaded stubs for Upper Sticks and fitting tubes for Propeller Ring.
  • T6S1
  • 3 Versions available
  • Price: $18.00 (includes FREE shipping*)

Upper Sticks Assembly T2A

  • T2A
  • Upper Sticks for Miniplane cage.
  • Includes Upper Cage Fitting and Upper Stick Connectors.
  • Does not include Pulley Block Mount.
  • Information about cage sizes HERE
  • Black color only
  • Please Choose Size! 
  • Price: $126.00 (includes FREE shipping*)

Upper Stick Connector

  • Connector for the Upper Sticks

  • Price: $15.00 (includes FREE shipping*)


Frame Clips (new style - 4 pieces) T1CN

  • 2 pieces for 16 mm
  • 2 pieces for 20mm

  • Price: $20.00 (includes FREE shipping*)

Cage Side Stick T3

3 Sizes (Please Choose):

M for 115cm Frame
(approx 44cm or 17 5/16")

L for 125cm Frame
(48cm or 19")

L1 for 125cm Frame
(51cm or 20")

Measure the BLACK portion.

  • Miniplane cage Side Stick T3
  • Threaded base with Conical design
  • Tap size: 10 x 1.5mm (if you ever need to clean out frame)
  • Information about cage sizes HERE
  • For Miniplane Moster Cage, order L size
  • Price: $59.00 each (includes FREE shipping*)

Kit: Screw & Washer for Foot Frame T/C1

  • 2 Spacers and 2 Screws M4x16
  • Price: $6.00 (includes FREE shipping*)

Cage Protection Netting T4

WARNING: Cage Net does not come assembled, drawstring must be threaded and rings attached. CLICK HERE FOR INFO
  • 5x5 cm square weave.
  • M Cage is 131" white net
  • L Cage is 144" black net
  • High strength polyamide.
  • Includes 5m cord and all rings
  • See Netting Installation Videos
  • Price: $118.00 (includes FREE shipping*)

Inox Hook - Sister Clip for Starter Pulley T2RG

  • Pulley Attachment
  • Sister Clip for M5/2BB Pulley
  • Price: $12.00 each (includes FREE shipping*)

Top 80 Starter Pulley M5/2BB

  • M5/2BB
  • Ball Bearing
  • Attaches to Inox Hook above
  • Pulley Comparison
  • Price: $12.00 (includes FREE shipping*)


Top 80 Starter Pulley - Block Mount M5/2RG

  • M5/2RG Block Mount Pulley
  • Works with old style
  • Ball Bearing Action
  • Price: $18.00 (includes FREE shipping*)


Miniplane Pulley - Aluminum, Regular M5/2ALL

  • Aluminum Pulley 25mm
  • More durable for harsh conditions
  • Sold each Pulley
  • Price: $17.00/EACH
    Includes FREE shipping*


Cage Slider T4S

  • Cage Slider to facilitate Forward Launches

  • Price: $8.00 each (includes FREE shipping*)


Miniplane Embroidered Cage Bag

  • Organizes and protects Cage Parts
  • Drawstring Attachment
  • One Piece Cage Bag
  • Price: $70


Miniplane Cage Reinforcement T2-RG

  • Transverse Cage Reinforcement
  • Strengthens the upper cage
  • Excellent for Forward Launches
  • Price: $65
Available for Large Size Classic or New Frame.

Miniplane Cage Net Hook, pair

  • Two hooks that hold the lower Netting rings
  • Sold as a pair
  • Includes two rivets to attach

  • Price: $8.00 each
    (includes FREE shipping*)

Miniplane Rigid Cage Knob Kit, pair

  • Two knobs that hold the lower Rigid sections
  • Sold as a pair
  • Includes attached Velcro to secure

  • Price: $16.00 pair
    (includes FREE shipping*)

Miniplane Rigid 150 Cage and Foot Replacement for Top 80

  • Rigid 150 Cage Replacement for New Cateye Frame Top 80
  • Sold as complete Cage with foot
  • Frame is NOT included    
  • More Info
  • Price: $800.00 each
  • Indicate Color and Cage Code after placing item in Cart
  • Includes FREE Shipping*


Miniplane Rigid 140 Cage Replacement for Moster

  • Rigid 140 Cage Replacement for Classic Frame Moster
  • Sold as complete Cage
  • Price: $700.00 each
  • Indicate Color after placing item in Cart or Black will be sent
  • Includes FREE Shipping*

Miniplane Rigid 150 Cage Bag

Adventure with peace of mind knowing that your precious paramotor sections are protected the best way they can be - with the new Miniplane Rigid 150 Cage Bag!

Price: $195

Miniplane Rigid Cage Side Connector

  • For Repair of Rigid Cage
  • 3D Printed & Shaped
  • Sold Each
  • Instructions 
  • Price: $16.00 each
    (includes FREE shipping*)

Miniplane Paramotor Covers

Paramotor Covers

Cover your Investment!

Dust, sun and rain can damage all the components of your Miniplane Paramotor! Plastics, belts and propeller can become fragile from exposure to the sunlight.

Now there are some solutions to this problem! CLICK HERE to see our great Miniplane Paramotor Covers!