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Miniplane Assembly Steps:


Miniplane Paramotor
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Assembly: Exhaust Muffler (Exhaust Parts)

To install the Miniplane Exhaust Muffler, make sure that the copper Exhaust Flange Gasket (M8G) is installed against the Cylinder Exhaust port. Align the upper portion of the curved section of the Muffler with the Exhaust Port on the side of the Cylinder. Side the bracket onto the two Exhaust Suspension Studs and install the Exhaust Springs and Nuts onto the Studs and hand tighten them for now.

Align the Muffler mounting tabs with the two rubber Exhaust Suspensions and gently slide them evenly over the Suspensions until the Exhaust Suspension Screw holes line up and thread the Screws into the Suspension. Make sure the Exhaust Muffler is positioned correctly before any of the Nuts or Screws are tightened.

Tighten the Suspension Screws forst, giving them a snug tightening against the rubber Suspension. Next, begin to tighten the Exhaust Nuts against the Springs, but DO NOT tighten these all the way down! Tighten only until the spring is about half way compressed, leaving a bit of space between the coils of the Springs. Never tighten all the way down onto one of these Exhaust Springs. Once a Spring is "sprung", it will need to be replaced.


The next step in the assembly is the Spark Plug.