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Miniplane Assembly Steps:


Miniplane Paramotor
Please note: We sell to USA only!


Assembly: ABM Harness (Harness Parts)

The ABM Harness is a unique paramotor harness allowing the use of weight-shift (seat steering) during flight. Free flight pilots will appreciate not only this feature, but also the lower hangpoint of the carabiners, giving their head much more space away from the risers during kiting and launch.


Harness Options

At this time, we are offering two distinctive harnesses for the Miniplane:

  • Miniplane ABM - This harness is standard on this machine.
  • SupAir EVO ABM Harness - Optional harness with a Reserve Pouch that can be added to either side of the harness. This is perhaps the most comfortable PPG harness you will ever experience. Look HERE for more information about this Harness. Look HERE for the technique for attaching the EVO Harness to the Frame.



Position the harness near the frame. Look at the top of the harness for the attachment straps and hardware. Use the locknut and washer to attach the Harness straps to the frame.

Please note: The PSF and ABM harnesses attach to different points on the Frame. The ABM attaches to the upper holes in the Upper Frame Extension (curved), while the PSF attaches to the lower point where the Upper Frame Extension attaches to the Frame (see photo - click to enlarge).

Position the ABM Arms (there should be no straps over the arm), then remove the locknut, washer and spring from the bolt on the ABM Arm. Insert the ABM arm bolts into the round receptacles on the side of the Frame.

Fasten the ABM Arm using the washer, spring and locknut in that order. Tighten about half of the spring's space between coils to ensure that the spring will hold tension against the arm.

Do not tighten all the way down on the spring! If you over tighten this - even once, you will need new springs!

Attach the side straps to the Frame, then attach the lower buckles to the frame under the lower Fuel Tank support with a Lark's Head loop. Clip the buckle from the shoulder strap into this. This strap should hold the weight of the paramotor when standing, but without tension during flight.

Work with your trusted Miniplane Dealer and do a good Hang Check before considering flight.


SupAir EVO PPG Harness Attachment

Look HERE for the technique for attaching the EVO Harness to the Frame.

EVO Harness Attachment Instructions


New Harness Attachments

Miniplane has changed some of the attachment straps recently for the New Frame 2016, please click HERE or on the image below to have a look at the pictures and descriptions for these new attachments:


Harness Adjustments

To properly adjust the ABM Harness, have a look at the Miniplane Harness Adjustment (PDF) describing the adjustments and settings that work well for this style of harness.

ABM Harness

The next step in the assembly is the Propeller.