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DVD: Master PPG3 - Inflight Precision

Presented by Jeff Goin

Inflight Precision

Part 3 of 4 in the Master Powered Paragliding Series. This is the most important video of the series since it builds the foundation of all precision flying. It will help master every other skill you learn for flying a powered paraglider precisely.

Join some of the world's best pilots as they expose their secrets along with animations to make the concepts crystal clear.

It's also the most fun with gorgeous flying from all over the world. At 1:55 running time this has been the most ambitious project of the series due to the sheer volume of material covered. Starting with the basics of precision flying it will show how to fly precisely, within inches of your desired flight path, how to turn precisely and with finesse, how perform steep maneuvers in style, how to best handle turbulence then, just for fun, covers competition, foot dragging, formation flying and much more.

Price: $29.95 (FREE shipping!)