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Miniplane Paramotor
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Miniplane Paramotor

About Miniplane

Miniplane brought out their first engine back in the early 90’s, they sell over a 1000 engines per year to other manufacturers, whilst putting 500 more engines in their own popular frames.

Now celebrating 20 yrs since the first Top 80 engine, the man behind miniplane, Diego Cecchetto never forgets his first paramotor, it weighed over 35 kilos. It is currently mounted high up above one of the workshops to remind all that paramotor flight doesn’t have to be a hardship.


No Stone Unturned

Miniplane are a refreshing yet distinguished company not interested so much in simply styling but more in the fundamentals of efficiency in their design. Having spent a great couple of days with both Diego and Mateous, another of MiniPlanes top engineers at their factory in Northern Italy and seeing their manufacturing and testing process for their units you get the impression that no stone is left unturned.

They begin their design foundation by tackling the fundamentals of modern Paramotors, like noise, vibration, weight and fundamentally reliability. They explained how they’ve looked at airflow around the pilot and through the cage, new designs for cooling, fuel, intricate ideas which have needed hours of finessing to bring out as much power as possible from the current Top 80 models. The Miniplane base in Northern Italy has a rack of test engines on their work benches. Their fuel injection model yet to be released has already 400 hrs airtime without fault. Miniplane is a company that takes their finished product very seriously.

Exciting times ahead

2016 will mark twenty years of Miniplane and herald some new designs, in both cage and motor, engine cooling and yet even more power than they already offer. These are exciting times for a company famed around the world already in bringing out the lightest and most reliable engines to deliver man and woman to the skies in the last twenty years.

Their aim, to produce as much power as possible, with the smallest and lightest of engines both stunningly efficient on fuel, but delightful on the throttle whilst maintaing the best and safest experience for the pilot.