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Stuff Sacks




Ozone Easy Bag Light Stuff Sack for Gliders

for Paragliders and Power Gliders

Lightweight stuff bag for paramotor wings. Weights only 240 or 300 g (without a stainless steel carabiner).

When folded, it is small enough to fit in paramotor harness pocket. The Ozone Easy Bag Light is a great solution for long cross-country flights and to minimize luggage or shipping weight.

Size M (240g) for smaller wings sizes: 14 - 22
Size L (300g) wing sizes: 23 - 34 

Light Easy Bag is not designed to carry on your back. There are no shoulder Straps.
  • For paramotor pilots
  • Light weight and volume to fit in the harness pocket or below the seat-board in flight 
  • Low weight and volume for shipping and travel 
  • Easy and fast wing packing when wing is wet and needs to be re-open to dry
  • Weight: 240 grams Medium size, 300 grams Large size


Click on pictures below for larger photos of this great bag!

Special Price: $99 (reg $129) includes FREE shipping!


Miniplane Stuffsack