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Miniplane Paramotor
Please note: We sell to USA only!


Miniplane Paramotor - NEW Frame!

New for 2015 - Miniplane has a NEW FRAME!!

This new "Cat Eye" frame fits the classic Top 80 Engine, plus it will fit the new motors due out later this year from Miniplane. This new Frame is available now for the ABM (low-hangpoint) system only - the PSF is still being tested.

Let's face it, accidents can happen.  Miniplane's new design is all about minimizing damage and making repairs as easy and economical as possible, so you can be up and flying again ASAP. Plus, changes to the cage size can be done in a snap!


New features: 

  1. Notice the newly designed center “box”.  This design provides greater strength and shape integrity.   This shape helps distribute the force of impact to the base, providing a greater resistance to damage of the main frame in case of a bad landing.

  2. The stand is a separate piece from the main frame. It provides two distinct advantages.  It can be removed for easy transport in small spaces. Also, in the case of damage you can replace this one piece instead of needing an entire new frame.  The main part of the motor frame will likely not be damaged by most minor incidents as the lower portion will take the brunt of any impact for better protection of the pilot.

  3. The new frame is tighter and smaller making it incredibly aerodynamic.  It is a full 4 cm smaller in width on the central part and comes in at only 22 cm on the lower part of the frame.  Not only does this mean less drag, it also means that you will have better engine cooling while flying.

  4. Instead of integrating the base section of the cage permanently into the frame as the older frame did, the two vertical sticks are conveniently screwed into the main frame and the base (black in the pictures).  They are the same size as the Side Sticks used in the cage, and are easily replaceable. 

  5. The Side Sticks are the same as the older model, as well as the cage and Upper Stick Assembly.

  6. A perfect set-up for you!  If you find the standard cage is too large for you, it is easy to trade out the 125cm cage for the lighter and smaller 115cm without the need for a new frame.

Cat Eye Focus and Appeal

The new Frame has the shape of a Cat's Eye, with the Upper Sticks Assembly starting at a single point, widening as your eyes drop down to the motor area, then coming almost back together down below the very efficient and aerodynamic Fuel Tank.

The new Miniplane Frame has a very sexy and racy appearance to the eyes, but the real test will be it's performance in flight. We think you will like this NEW Frame very much!


Check it out!

Have a closer look at this new Frame by clicking any of the images shown here. There is also a photo comparison to the existing classic frame there.

Don’t worry, no matter what frame you have, the support is there.  The classic frame and parts will continue to be available.  There are close to 5000 Miniplane Paramotors out there sharing the gift of flight, and we love them all.


Blue skies!