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Simonini Flying

Miniplane Simonini 140cc & Rigid Cage ABM



The new Miniplane Simonini 140cc ABM Paramotor is a good compromise between a light and a very powerful machine.

This paramotor satisfies pilots who need higher thrust than the Top 80 delivers -with thrust numbers of up to 60+ kg.

An easy-to-start engine that has minimal vibrations and an amazingly quiet sound level, with a perfect balance between lightness and power. Total weight is only 50.5 lbs.


Planning for a typical pilot utilizing this machine, we have chosen to equip this paramotor with:

New Miniplane 140 cm Rigid Cage and Classic Frame, which allows the use of a 130 cm propeller without problems while performing a power launch takeoff technique! Also available as an option is a large 18 liter tank that allows long flights.



  • Helix 130cm composite propeller
  • Rigid 140 cm 2 parts (pictured) or L1 flex cage
  • 12 liter fuel tank - Optional 18 liter tank
  • Total weight: 50.5 (rigid cage)

Miniplane Simonini 140cc with Rigid Cage ABM: $7450

  • Reaming: 58 mm
  • Stroke: 52 mm
  • Displacement: 138 cc
  • Compression ratio: 12.5 / 1
  • Consumption at 6500 rpm: 2.5 liters / hour
  • Power at 8000 rpm: 20hp
  • Static thrust: Over 60kg

Simonini 140cc Engine